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Google Ads

You cannot talk about major PPC ad platforms without mentioning Google Ads. Keywords galore and constant traffic – there is no denying why this platform is so

Shopify Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram are great places to build your own pages to connect with fans of your brand on social media. Alongside paid ads, you can post sales, news,

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising offers more targeting options to reach the audiences you need to connect with. You can create criteria for custom audiences based on a wide

Google Ads

You cannot talk about major PPC ad platforms without mentioning Google Ads. Keywords galore and constant traffic – there is no denying why this platform is so popular, and why it is not going to lose traction anytime soon.

Google Ads should be assumed to be included in your budget, that is how imperative it is when it comes to advertising. Any campaign will benefit from using Google and its sizable ad network and millions of third-party websites.

With that said, be aware that it is a pricier option due to the competitiveness of its use. Be prepared to spend some money on this option, but also know that it will be worth it. Being more advertiser’s first choice gives them the edge to boost their prices.

Google is the most used search engine across the globe. Billions of people use the site every single day, and those seeking exposure for their advertising campaigns will benefit from taking advantage of Google’s extensive reach and popularity.

Amazon Advertising

Like Google, Amazon is a heavy hitter on this list for product searches. When it comes to product searches across the internet, just below 50% of those searches start on Amazon. That is huge for e-commerce retailers.

Advertisers can create various displays depending on their campaign types. Display-Focused campaigns and shopping-focused campaigns are promoted on Amazon through their own shopping network. Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers across the globe. People shop Amazon for nearly any product you can think of – just picture your product being the top hit for its category when searched on Amazon.

Sponsored products, brands, and stores are one of the most popular ad formats on Amazon. Other handy self-service ad types are available, and this is a great way to generate sales for e-commerce retailers.

The downside to using Amazon is that you must sell your products through Amazon. While this is wonderful in most cases, it is important to note that many have complaints about how relaxed Amazon is when it comes to providing returns and refunds to customers. Another downside is that other advertising channels cannot be utilized through the same means, so Google ads, for example.

Microsoft Advertising (AKA Bing Ads)

Bing Ads got a name change recently to reflect its association with Microsoft. It is now known as Microsoft Advertising. Bing and Google are both popular search engines that receive millions of hits a day. If you have no luck using Google Ads, then you may want to give Microsoft Advertising a try instead.

This platform allows PPC advertising when you use their search network (Bing), their partner sites, and other Microsoft-owned sources. Since Microsoft Advertising is responsible for ads on both Yahoo and Bing, this adds to their overall network and places them behind Google in popularity.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are gaining in popularity, and it is clear why when you see the variety of options available to you through the platform. Facebook is a social media network that gathers metrics on its users like gender, age, relationship status, interests, hobbies, and more.

Because of this, ads do not have to focus on keywords like other platforms have to reply on. Instead, advertisers can pinpoint exactly who they want their ads to target based on a type of person they are targeting.

Unlike platforms like Bing and Google, ads on Facebook are not particularly easy to block with simple ad blocking plugins. Facebook ads appear on the user’s newsfeed seamlessly alongside regular posts. This means more exposure, which turns into more clicks.

Another perk of using Facebook is that they also own Instagram and the two platforms are on the same network. This increases the reach of the network which means more clicks from those who use both sites or those who only use one over the other.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the social media network for professionals. It is meant for networking with other professionals and connecting with others in your field or cohort. Depending on what you are advertising, this might be the best place for your campaign.

LinkedIn is promoted through work places, asked for on resumes, and encouraged to use in university. Right now, it is estimated that LinkedIn has over 630 million professionals that use the service. You can target users based on factors like job title, function, and what industry they are in. Again, this is different and more customizable than simple keywords.

Similar to Facebook, there are many ad options available to you. Scrolling format that they see while scrolling their newsfeed and even sponsored content and messages. Connecting with those in the business industry that are involved with decision-making is easiest through LinkedIn.


Now that the heavy hitters are covered, we will go over some of the cheaper alternatives, like Bidvertiser here.

Bidvertiser is a cheap alternative that works by displaying its ads on third-party websites. Those third-party sites sign up for their revenue share scheme and publishers get a share of the cut. You can often find shorter, cheaper tail keywords through Bidvertiser. These same keywords would cost tens of dollars somewhere like Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising, but with Bidvertiser are more affordable – especially for smaller advertisers.


Adroll retargets the network of choice of online advertisers using social media sites and Google. They can turn users into buyers from sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But, how?

They target people who have previously visited your website in an attempt to bring them back to your website. Retaining previous users is a smart advertising tactic over trying to reel in only new customers. The ads will show up on other websites as the user browses them. The familiarity and eye-catching campaign will bring them back.

This type of advertising is available through Google, but it does not work universally on all websites. If you are using all of the networks mentioned, then AdRoll will be a good option for since you are able to combine them all into one easy to use platform.

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