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What is PPC (Pay Per Click)?

You might be familiar with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, even if you’re not sure what it entails. When you enter a query into a search engine, there are results placed at the top, which are actually ads. Of course, these results do specify they’re paid search advertisements. These are PPC ads, which are part of a PPC campaign for paid advertising.

This new form of digital marketing shows ads to relevant customers searching for related terms online. However, unlike ads that purchase space to exist in a given space; these are paid for on a per click basis and work as a better long term marketing strategy. For instance, if your business advertises a certain product with Google ads using a Pay Per Click Management campaign model, thousands of people may see your ad. However, you aren’t charged for the people that simply see your ad at the top of the page. You’re only charged when someone actually clicks on your ad.

PPC campaigns can take different forms, although paid search ads are one of the most popular options. Shopping PPC ads and display network ads are also common Pay Per Click campaign options, although each form of PPC has its own pricing model.

Pay per click ads can even be used for social media marketing with different display options. Different keywords and placements also have variable prices, depending on demand and competition.

Google Ads

You cannot talk about major PPC ad platforms without mentioning Google Ads. Keywords galore and constant traffic – there is no denying why this platform is so

Shopify Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram are great places to build your own pages to connect with fans of your brand on social media. They’re highly popular social media marketing locations and for good reason. Alongside paid ads, you can post sales, news,

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising offers more targeting options to reach the audiences you need to connect with. You can create criteria for custom audiences based on a wide

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click for your Business

It’s very easy to get started with PPC marketing, especially with the assistance of PPC management services. You may still be wondering, however, why your business should look at a Pay Per Click marketing campaign. While there may be plenty of side benefits, there are some big reasons you shouldn’t ignore pay per click advertising campaigns. Here are the main benefits of PPC advertising for large and small businesses.

Drive Relevant Traffic

PPC Paid ads is a great option for businesses that need to drive relevant traffic to their website and products. Because PPC ads are highly targeted, you can make sure your business’ online presence is showing up to the people that will ultimately increase your conversion rate. Whether you’re a large corporate or small business, PPC can help you grow your business and bring in qualified leads.

All Pay Per Click campaigns are based on a very specific set of keywords. By carefully selecting the proper keywords, your lead generation is much more accurate. A PPC management company can help you properly select keywords and take full advantage of PPC campaign services.

If you’re choosing keywords wisely, you won’t end up with visitors that quickly leave your website because of irrelevant search results. If you’re selling pet products, and optimize the keywords in your campaign properly, you won’t have someone looking for a vet near them visiting your website by mistake.

The great thing about pay per click advertising is that even if you’re not going the route of a search engine campaign, you’re still reaching a relevant audience. If your company is more visually oriented and can create a high quality web design, you can choose to run a search display ad campaign.

Your ad will still be directed to only the relevant people, those that you can convert, and it’ll be placed on a site that caters to the demographics you’re looking for in a customer base.

If you’re looking to reach out to, for instance, people between the ages of 25 to 40 that own dogs, your ad will be placed on a website that attracts those audience members.

Advanced Metrics Data

PPC campaigns help businesses struggling to find where their customers ‘drop off’ and what a marketing strategy that really works. This form of digital marketing allows you to see detailed information about the visibility of your ads.

Not only that, you can see detailed information regarding your conversion rate from the pay per click advertisement itself. As an advertiser, your ad spend and Return on Investment, or ROI, is a major concern. With the conversion data from a high quality PPC campaign, you can see the growth your business is getting from a specific ad. Our pay per click management company will help you with conversion optimization for the best results.

Versatile Advertising

Pay per click advertising is incredibly versatile, which is a boon to any business in the age of ever changing digital marketing. For instance, once a message from an email marketing campaign is sent out, that message can’t be changed. Of course, another message can be sent out, but you can’t change what’s already there if it isn’t working.

Because PPC campaigns offer so much data, and so quickly, your business can keep pace with any changes that need to be made. If your return on ad spend isn’t improving, you can quickly make changes to make it more effective. If your ad performance is growing your business, you’ll see it right away, and know to keep the same strategy.

Faster Traffic

There’s nothing that defines our digital age quite like our need for relevant information, and the need to get it post haste. PPC management services can solve the problem of the waiting game for advertisers and potential customers alike.

Because PPC management companies know how to focus your campaign on a very specific set of keywords, people searching online can find your website quickly. Likewise, you’ll be able to reach those interested people much faster than trying to let your audience grow organically.

Having a skilled PPC management team is the best way to ensure your PPC ad campaign is undeniably run to drive large amounts of traffic to your business. While a high driving, quick converting pay per click ad does need to be effectively executed, it can significantly increase your business and its visibility.

A business that isn’t converting needs to increase their audience to build their consumer base. Effective PPC ad campaigns allow just that, and in very little time compared to other digital marketing strategies.

More Effective Ad Spending

Digital advertising can be expensive, especially when you have to pay to display your ad, whether or not anyone interacts with it. While PPC ads can be expensive if they’re not correctly implemented, they can also present an opportunity to drastically cut down advertising expenses when they are done correctly.

Although certain keywords and combinations will cost more than others, this often reflects the return to the business that bids on these keywords.

No matter what, you won’t be charged for ads that aren’t clicked on, nor will you pay a monthly or set fee for PPC ads. You only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad.

In short, if you do it correctly, you can save your business plenty of money while also seeing a better return on your ad spend.

Advertising for the Proper Funnels

The best PPC management companies offer PPC ad services that allow businesses to tailor advertising to their conversion and marketing goals. Because there are different types of pay per click ads, your business can choose the specific funnel you need to target. For example, there are shopping campaigns, display campaigns, and search engine PPC ad campaigns. A PPC management company will help you choose the best option for your business and enhance the campaign to bring the best results for your business.

If your business or brand is just getting off the ground, you need to create brand awareness and start driving traffic. PPC companies can assist with finding the ideal way to accomplish this goal and can guide you on choosing the demographics of the audience you want to target.

Your ads are then shown on a website or platform that has chosen to opt in to allow advertisements. When a visitor matches your target, whether by age, interest, or browsing and purchasing history, your ad is shown.

If your business needs to increase revenue and drive conversions, a well planned PPC search engine marketing campaign can drive your traffic to the end of the funnel where visitors are converted. Your keyword strategies drive where, and to whom, your ads are displayed.

As a result, you may not reach a larger volume in terms of general visibility. However, you’re put right at the top of results for people that are ready to convert or are close to doing so.

Is PPC Advertising Effective?

A paid search result doesn’t guarantee more clients finding your company. However, research does show that a company that uses PPC advertising is more easily discovered by relevant audiences that might be interested in their business.

In fact, when it comes down to search engines alone, paid advertising is actually quite effective. Over two thirds of people conducting and online search report clicking on a paid result. This search engine marketing isn’t just empty clicks. Most web searchers report that paid ads are one of the best ways to find information they’re looking for.

While every company works in different ways, search engine marketing is a crucial part of marketing your services today. Comparing the cost per visitor with other marketing tactics, these services are more affordable, and can ultimately lead more prospective clients to your company.

Finding the right agencies to take over marketing services for your company is only the first step. All in all, the cost per click model is a good fit for most businesses trying to gain clients and build their audience.

How It Appears and How It Works

How does a pay per click ad show up to interested audiences?

If you’re working with a PPC company and running a PPC search engine campaign, your ad shows up as a mainly text advertisement. Your business or PPC company writes the copy that should appear when your ad is placed.

Paid search aren’t long form ads, and they often consist of only a sentence or two describing your business or services. Of course, depending on the platform you choose to advertise on, the word or character count limits will vary slightly. PPC agencies will assist you with the creation and formation of your PPC ad. The link to your website then appears above the text ad copy, leading interested people directly to your business.

A full service digital marketing company will have a skilled pay per click management team to ensure your PPC campaign meets all the requirements. Your PPC management team will advise you on recommended changes and formats before and during the creation of your ad so you can be positive your PPC campaign will be properly run.

Shopping ads

Shopping ads like Google shopping work similarly, but they are much more graphic heavy. There may be short text description of your product, but the main focus is on the image of the product you’re selling. The price is also almost always displayed with the image and text, as well as other relevant information, like your store, product ratings, or even location.

Just like any other type of pay per click ad, there are certain dimensions your ad will need to fit within. Your PPC management team will be able to take care of all the details, so you don’t have to worry.

Display ads

Display ads appear much as the name indicates. They’re much more visually oriented, and a large emphasis is placed on graphics or video ad content. Display ads also target relevant audiences, although they are more common on websites that opt in to advertisements. Once you choose your target demographic, your ad is placed on relevant websites that cater to the same audience.

Typically, display PPC ads are shown in a designated space on the website. Because of this, there are requirements for how large visual ads can be, and what size they can be if they’re video or motion ads.

How does PPC work?

There are general rules that each type of PPC ad follows and that your pay per click management team will tell you, although the specifics still vary from one type to another. In all the PPC services your management company will mention, keywords are important. These keywords determine where your ad shows up, when it shows up, and who exactly sees it. You’ll determine a hierarchy of keywords, with the most important keywords to your campaign at the top.

Rather than awarding the top advertising spot to anyone that pays for it, pay per click ad platforms use an automated process. This process is called an Ad Auction. The keywords you want to use to reach your target audience are also in demand from other businesses. To get placement in search engine results, you have to bid on the most important keywords for your ad. For more information on the Ad Auction, talk to your pay per click management company.

Then, much like search engine results go through an algorithm to determine their relevance, so does your ad campaign. Depending on the results of this process, ads are placed at the top of the SERP, in a specific order determined by relevance.

There are some other important factors that play into PPC ad auctions, however. For example, with Google, you must specify to your pay per click management company how much you are willing to pay for placement related to certain keywords. The maximum amount a business is willing to pay, or bid, per click is called a Max CPC.

ppc optimization

If the keywords you target come up for auction, your max cost per click(cpc) is calculated alongside a quality score to determine if your ad will be shown. It can be difficult to understand everything a quality score entails, and how to optimize yours, so it’s a good idea to use a digital marketing agency that offers PPC management services to help you navigate the process.

In essence, your quality score depends on not only how relevant your ad and keywords are, but also how likely the algorithms determine it is that someone searching online will click on your ad. This is also called a ‘click through rate.’

Next, Google will determine whether your landing page fits the ‘experience’ that the person making the query intends to find. Many things go into this analysis, including the overall visitor experience, as well as whether or not the landing page truly meets the needs or intention behind the query itself. Again, your pay per click management team can further explain the details if your business requires.

If you choose a shopping campaign for your business and target the right keywords, people searching for “x item near me” or say, “buy x item online” will see your product in the top suggested results.

Of course, any pay per click advertisement will have labeling or a disclaimer that it is an ad. However, people looking for specific items or information online want a clear direction. By having your PPC ad near, or at the top, you’re giving them a clear pathway to your business and the products you’re selling.

 How Does a PPC Management Company Work?

There are a lot of factors that go into a successful Pay Per Click advertising campaign. That’s one of the main reasons most businesses choose to hire a pay per click management company to implement their campaigns. Before you hire a pay per click management company, it helps to know how they work. These are the basic steps PPC management services use to help your business:

Consulting and planning

Before the work really starts, there’s the initial consultation and planning process. Often, this starts with an account manager from the management services team. This is when you tell your account manager your goals for your business, current online marketing tactics, the services your company offers, your target demographic, and more. The idea behind this stage is understanding your business so the account managers can do what they do best: making PPC marketing work for your company.

Creating the long and short term strategy

Many companies have already tried their own strategies for online marketing. The reason you’re looking for agencies to help is because your advertising can be more effective. For peak PPC performance, you need plans and backup plans to switch your marketing tactics if plan A isn’t working. Your PPC management agency often looks at your current internet marketing campaigns, and decides what to continue with, and what to change.

Remember, no business is completely the same. That means that your internet marketing strategy needs to fit your company. This is where the account managers really strive to understand your clients, and how to create the best PPC campaign to increase your audience, and your revenue.

Starting your pay per click campaigns

The next step is actually starting your pay per click campaigns. While our management agency helps you have the right Google Adwords online marketing strategy, and get the best cost per click, there are other factors at play. Ultimately, your PPC performance also relies on other things, like how your company presents itself in social media, your website, and your landing pages. Naturally, this process can also involve some web development. These marketing services ensure that your every landing page is well optimized for conversions, and that your services are clear to your clients. This stage also includes creating custom tailored ad copy that entices clients to visit your website, or creating good social media content for ads that can drive traffic.

Keeping up with changes

Of all the different search engines, Google is perhaps the best known for changing their SEO algorithms frequently. In fact, Google often changes the way they rank landing pages and SEO many times per year. That means that no matter how effective your paid search campaigns are, they might not work as well in six months. Our PPC services can help you keep up with any changes and ensure that your advertising remains effective. Most marketing services offer ongoing support for PPC advertising, and it’s in your best interest to take advantage of that. Sometimes, this means the pay per click management agencies reevaluate your advertising strategies. Reevaluation can be necessary because of several factors. Often, this includes what your company pays on ad spend vs. effectiveness, how Google ranks your business, and more effective cost per click campaigns for your business.

Great Platforms for PPC

As pay per click advertisement becomes more successful, countless companies have taken to using their platforms. Getting a slice of the profit is appealing to many companies and this has led to a slew of available PPC networks.

Many of us are aware of the big hitters like Google and Amazon, but less popular search engines or networks are beneficial as well. Each one comes with its own specialization or fits in a niche somewhere that might suit you better than one of the standard popular networks offer – and at a lower cost. As the experts and your pay per click management company, we know just the right platforms that will work best for your business.

Whether you are looking for a cheaper alternative or you are new to the field and gathering all the knowledge, as your PPC marketing agency, we will provide several exceptional PPC networks. Remember, without a good PPC campaign that gets lots of clicks and traffic, you might as well not even run any PPC campaigns at all.

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Importance of Hiring an Adwords Expert

By now, you realize the importance of increasing the visibility of your business on Google. Implementing a PPC strategy like AdWords is really the best and fastest way to do this. However, it can be quite an intricate process that you might not have time to manage all on your own. This is where an Adwords expert or PPC agency really comes in handy.

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