Jen (Director)

Jen graduated from the University of South Florida with her BS in Marketing back in 2010 and has been honing her digital marketing skills since 2011. She is deeply passionate about digital marketing, having been involved in various roles through the years. 

Remya (Analyst)

An Information Technology graduate from Anna University, Remya has an unwavering perseverance which makes her an invaluable member of our team. Remya pays close attention to detail and is meticulous and thorough in the projects she handles.

Jodie (Content)

Jodie is a passionate writer who has created content for businesses around the world over the last 6 years. Based in Perth, Australia, there’s nothing she enjoys more than weaving words into narratives and engaging content each day.

Sharan (Developer)

A graduate of Anna University, Sharan has an engineering degree in Information Technology as well as a Postgraduate degree in Multimedia Design from Keltron University. Sharan is a vital team member who helps troubleshoot design-related issues. He is a skilled developer who has helped create numerous, robust digital design projects.

Matt (Accounts Strategist)

Matt has a degree in English – Creative Writing and graduated from the University of Central Florida. He brings to the table extensive knowledge in digital marketing and does an excellent job in connecting with our clients as an account strategist. Matt’s main priority is addressing client needs effectively while maintaining strong client relationships.

Mel (HR)

Mel graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree. Mel is the main wheel that helps our team run! Her ability to juggle the many tasks of the Human Resources department while also keeping the team informed and up-to-date on all the policies and procedures is what makes Mel the backbone of our team!