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Why Facebook?

Choosing a place to advertise can be difficult with so many options available now. Making that choice can be especially difficult because our budget may be limited and we may lean towards multiple cheaper options. However, reaching large audiences that have interest in your product are the key goal. Enter, Facebook.

Brand Awareness – Generating New Audience

Facebook and Instagram are great places to build your own pages to connect with fans of your brand on social media. Alongside paid ads, you can post sales, news, and other related events associated with your brand to keep customers up-to-date with your brand.

Paid ads are beneficial because they can attract current fans and bring in a new audience. Brand exposure is paramount to your success, and this is one of the reasons why social media advertising is so effective.

Targeted Advertising – Age, Gender, Interest Based Ads

The thing about Facebook is that people are already using it for basically everything. We share our lives on social media; including our family photos, favorite movies, new artists we have discovered, and even our relationship statuses.

We follow our favorite brands and stores and talk about our preferred products on those pages. With advertising algorithms, these work in favor of the advertiser.

Matching products to user interests and behaviors results in a higher chance of reaching ideal consumers. For example, let’s say you are selling a line of face products that reduce that appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

With Facebook, you can target your ads directly towards an older female audience who has already shown interest in beauty and health. Another example could be for new restaurant owners. Targeted advertisements will allow you to limit your audience to local or nearby people.

More Traffic – Engaged User Base

Let’s face it.

Facebook is popular because of its user-friendly interface, ability to connect and engage with friends, strangers, and people across the world, and ability to find new entertainment and brands. Active users who are regularly engaged with the platform they use is a perfect feature for those seeking to advertise somewhere, and Facebook has it all.

Before You Get Started

Using Shopify to create Facebook ads requires a few things before you get started. If you have not already set up a Facebook account for your business page, then you should go ahead and get that started.

This page needs to be connected to an ad account that has admin abilities so that you can manage the Business Manager. Admin abilities will allow you to have permissions to make posts, change settings, and other things that non-admin users cannot do.

Your Facebook page will also need to be published, which is just another way to let users know that the page has been verified through Facebook as being owned by the business.

Managing your business accounts and social media pages is easier than ever with the Facebook Business Manager tool as it allows you to organize and keep everything together in one place. It can be found on the Facebook Marketing App. Setting it up is easy once the app is downloaded, just follow the on-screen instructions.

Using a personal ad account with the Business Manager requires that you have previously run an ad on it in the past before you can connect the two accounts together. So, if you have not run ads on that account in the past, then you will need to create a new ad account for through the Business Manager when that option pops up during the startup process.

Once you have everything connected and setup, you will be able to run Facebook ad campaigns. If you have questions or want to learn more about the programs, you should access their help centers through Facebook Ads Help Center.

Since you are using a Shopify online store to sell your products, your store cannot be password protected. So, be sure to remove that before going through these settings to avoid any hiccups.

Types of Facebook Ads You Can Try

Running a Facebook ad campaign for Shopify through Facebook is streamlined and easier than ever. There are more ways to create, launch, and run a successful campaign, but what type of ad fits your style and your brand? Not every type of ad fits every user, so looking into different targeting options is a great first step.

Thank You for Shopping Ads

Retaining customers is the primary job of any business owner. But, where do you start?

Many business owners make the mistake of pouring all their work, effort, and, unfortunately, money into generating new customers. However, time and again research shows that retaining current customers or even first time customers is significantly more worthwhile than targeting a cold lead.

Ads targeting customers who have recently made purchases at your store is a great way to make a personal connection with a customer and retain them for future purchases. You want to turn them into a repeat customer, keep them around and hopefully have them generate word of mouth by speaking well of your business.

Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction can be grabbed all with an easy thank you ad.

New Products for Existing Customers Ads

The probability of generating a sale increasing with existing customers, so it makes sense to keep targeting them and investing money into ads that target them.

Make existing customers feel appreciated and wanted by making sure that they get new releases and announcements first. If you are about to roll out a new sale or product, let your existing customers know first.

Abandoned Cart Ads

Most online shoppers who browse and add things to their cart eventually end up abandoning their cart and not returning to purchasing their desired items.

So, the question is – how do you get them back to buy the items that they desired enough to put in their cart?

You will need to retarget them with an ad that personally shows the person their cart and offers them something to come back and complete their purchase. A sweet 15% off or even free shipping can be just the temptation someone needs to come back to complete their purchase.

Or, you can appeal to their sense of empathy by making them feel sorry for abandoning their sad, lonely cart. Sound silly? Sure, but it works. Especially for products that they really want and just need that extra push to come back and buy.

Dynamic Ads

When a customer visits your website, and admires an item before traipsing back over to Facebook, the item will get pulled into the ads that they will see as they scroll through Facebook. These highly personalized ads keep things relevant to their interests, likes, and your business. It is a win-win for all parties.

Carousel ads allow you to show those products that they view along with other items that might interest them. Creating corresponding categories on your website will allow you to create more personalized and accurate carousel ads.

Email Collecting Ads

If you want to connect with customers through email, you can make that first touch base through Facebook by using lead ad units. These ads allow the customer to click the ad after seeing something that interests them and then Facebook makes it easier on them by auto populating many of their fields for them as they go to fill out the fields.

Growing an email list can be an important part of gathering a larger customer base, so think of creative ways to get customers to reach out through that first Facebook link.

Generating New Traffic Ads

While we have stressed the importance of retaining current customers, let’s not forget that generating new traffic is still a priority. You should always have an ad running that is geared towards new customers and driving in new customers. Make them feel welcome and wanted, make their first touch point be a good and warm one.\

Through Facebook, you can create a Lookalike audience that will match existing customers to help ensure that your ads are reaching people who will be interested in your products.

Why Work with Us?

Updates and Reports

Trudging through minute data across Facebook, Excel, and Google Analytics can be overwhelming and time consuming. Not only that, but if data analyzing is not your thing, tiny errors or mistakes can cause issues with other ads you runin the future.

With us, you will receive weekly updates along with monthly reports to help you stay organized and on top of the data that is coming in. Key business metrics are tracked and you won’t miss important numbers by oversight or through misunderstanding, since we will be tracking them for you.


Organization and management is one of the key features that we offer. Your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger campaigns will be managed by your expert and all tasks will be handled accordingly. Your focus will be on your business, while the expert will focus on things like monthly reports, ad copy creation, and audience research.

When some of the behind the scenes tasks are handled, this frees your time and mind to handle things on the frontline. You will have more time to brainstorm new ideas and overall be more involved in the heart of your business.

Honest Pricing

There are no hidden fees or behind the door closing costs with us. Starting at just $xyz per month, you will get our services with no hourly rates or annoying long-term contracts.

We believe in honesty and transparency, and we want people to be in business with us because they want to be, not because they signed into it for a 5-years and cannot escape.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the ads launch?

It typically takes the ads 2 weeks to launch from the time that you sign up for services. Because of this wait time, we do have an optional rush service for those who would like to start a bit quicker. The rush service costs about $xyz.

When does the service start?

Check your email after you sign up for a step by step guide to get your started. We will need access to your Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Analytics accounts as well as your product images and videos. Image designs and targeting is done by us.

How long will it take before I see profit?

This is a big question that involves an in-depth answer. But to go over it briefly here – there are four main factors involved. It generally takes about 3 months to see profits from a campaign, but that can be faster when these four factors are involved: Large organic traffic, email list size, market fit, and conversion rates.

High-quality organic traffic generates from Google by keywords that you use in your ads and on your website. It helps keep your website relevant to your brand and buying intent. Your product needs to fit into a market niche or industry and appeal to the type of customer you are aiming toward.

If you are marketing to the wrong person, you won’t see the profit. Conversation rates affect what percentage of customers buy from you and this will in turn affect the ROI of your ad campaigns.

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