Which is a Best Practice for
Optimizing a Landing Page for Adwords?

If you are using Adwords to run and improve your advertising online, you know the importance of a well-established landing page. Without a great landing page, you risk missing out on potential views and ad revenue. To get the most out of your ads and your investment in them, you should take advantage of some of the best practices for optimizing your landing page.

Which is a Best Practice for Optimizing a Landing Page for Adwords?

There are several different ways to optimize your landing page via Adwords. But by far, the most effective method is incorporating easy-to-navigate content. You don’t want your content to be cluttered or unorganized. Instead, you need to aim to have everything in a clean layout and make sure everything is easy to find.

Avoid things like pop ups, prevent lots of flashy designs and make it simple for the viewer to find the product they clicked on. By taking your viewer directly to what the selected ad advertised, you increase your chances of a sale and a return customer.

More Techniques in Optimizing a Landing Page for Adwords

Other techniques used by Adwords to optimize landing pages include:

Use the Same Program Language Throughout

To prevent any coding issues or program problems, it is important to use the same program language throughout the site. No matter what language you choose to go with, make sure you use it for the entire site and the ads to click on. That way you can easily add or edit your site, without having to worry about whether or not you are using the right language.

Include Visuals

Visuals are a huge part of making your landing page a success. Whether they are images or video, the use of a visual will always be more appealing than something that is purely text. If you have a product, you should include pictures of that product.

Videos can also be used to help explain what the landing page is showing and more information on the subject. You should not overwhelm the site with too many visuals, but a few well placed will do wonders.

Keep the Design Similar

It is helpful to have an ad and landing site that look like they match up. You don’t want your viewer to think that there is something wrong when they select your ad, and the landing page is completely different. From lettering styles, to coloring, and even layouts, they should be similar enough to know that the link is correct and they are connected.

Consider Size

The size of your ad, as well as the text can be crucial. Large, bold lettering can easily catch the viewer’s eye and be read without difficulty. You don’t want the viewer to have to squint and stress their eyes to see what is happening.

But you also don’t want to go too big and seem obnoxious. You should also have the title and subtitles in your landing page larger than the regular text to make it clearer.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Your word selection is crucial when it comes to your ad and site. SEO can get your site and ad seen much more than if you skip over it. Wording can also make the difference between a viewer reading more, and them moving on. Don’t overload the viewer with technical terms, overly large words, or drag on sentences. Write as you would want someone to write for you.

Remember Touch Screens

Not everyone will view your ad or site on a laptop or desktop. Most people now spend more time on smart devices or tablets, making it crucial to incorporate touch screen compatibility. If a viewer cannot click on your ad or interact with your site through touchscreens, you can be missing out on views and purchases.

Run Experiments

A great, yet underused feature in Adwords is the ability to run experiments on your site. This will allow you to test different sites and set ups while also keeping your original site active. That way you can avoid having to take down your current site or change it, while still being able to try out something new.


There are plenty of ways to help optimize your landing page through Adwords. Whether you use all of the tips provided, or just one, you are bound to see a difference when incorporating them into your landing page design. Don’t simply hope to have success with your landing page. Take advantage of the information provided and help to get the most out of your ad and site.